I studied my PhD at ISTerre (April 2010 - October 2013) under supervision of Jean Virieux, Stéphane Garambois and François Audebert (TOTAL Scientific and Technical Center).

The title of my thesis was "Quantitative 4D (time-lapse) seismic imaging in complex media using 2D Full Waveform Inversion".

Goal: to monitor and assess the physical property changes in target regions (especially oil and gas reservoirs) through a time evolution.

Research interests: Time-lapse and monitoring imaging, Inversion, seismic imaging, subsurface characterization.

My Thesis

Quantitative 4D Seismic Imaging in complex media using 2D Full Waveform Inversion
Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) is an alternative technique for velocity model building that allows the (...)

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Please find my CVs, short and long versions, as the enclosed files!

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Publications in international journals Asnaashari, A., R. Brossier, S. Garambois, F. Audebert, and J. Virieux, 2014, Time-lapse full waveform inversion in frequency domain: which frequency (...)

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Teaching Assistant

Seismic and electrical acquisition field trip, 2nd year Professional Master students, assistant of Jean Virieux and Olivier Coutant (15 hours), Université Joseph Fourier, October 2012. (...)

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