I started my PhD in October 2010 under the supervision of Eric Larose and Michel Campillo. I work in the field of ambient seismic noise. One part of my PhD I spent investigating the depth sensitivity of coda waves. We also work on the localisation of changes that we measure from ambient seismic cross-correlations.


Obermann, A., Larose, E., Rossetto, V., Margerin, L., (2013), Measuring the scattering mean free path on a volcano from spatial phase decoherence. —in preparation
Obermann, A., Planès, T., (...)

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My PhD

Depth sensitivity of coda waves to velocity perturbations in an elastic heterogeneous medium
Numerous monitoring applications make use of seismic coda waves to evaluate velocity changes in the (...)

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Brenguier F., Rivet D., Obermann A., Lecocq T., Clarke D., Shapiro N., Campillo M., Larose M., Ferrazzini V., (July 2013) Recent results of noise-based seismic velocity monitoring at Piton de (...)

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