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Physicienne des Observatoires
Head of "Seismic Cycle and transient deformation" Team

My research is dedicated to a better understanding of fault processes at various phases of their seismic cycle. I mainly use space geodesy (GPS and InSAR) to monitor the ground deformation and the space / time variations of the earth’s surface deformation. The surface deformation is generated by deeper processes affecting buried faults or magma pockets, and can therefore give us precious insigths on the stress build-up on the faults, the seismic rupture or the post-seismic relaxation.
These last years, I have been mostly involved in projects dealing with subduction’s seismogenic zone processes (in the Andes, in Japan or in Indonesia) or in projects aiming at deciphering rifting processes (in Afar, Ethiopia and Djibouti). I am however interested in in any kind of transient fault processes, including strike-slip faults, or large scale lithospheric deformation.
I am also strongly involved in the EPOS-IP project (European Plate Observing System, Implementation Phase). I am responsible of the coordination of the ’GNSS Products’ Task of WP10, and am in charge of the EPOS GNSS processing center hosted at CNRS-OSUG.

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