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Dr. Arjan de Leeuw
Maître de Conférences Sédimentologie

- Institut de Science de la Terre
- Université Grenoble Alpes
- 1381 rue de la piscine
- CS 40700

- email : arjan.de-leeuw"at"univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
- phone : +33 476 514 072

I am a field geologist interested in the sedimentology, evolution and provenance of large-scale sediment systems and their response to geodynamics and climate. I teach sedimentology and field geology at the University of Grenoble Alpes. Most of my research is multi-disciplinary and involves a team of excellent collaborators. It has focussed on the geology and sedimentary architecture of the Pannonian Basin, the Dacian Basin, the Carpathian Foreland Basin and the intra-montane basins of the Dinarides. I have a background in magnetostratigraphic and radio-isotopic dating.

Before coming to Grenoble, I obtained a PhD at the paleomagnetic laboratory of Utrecht University, the Netherlands (2005-2010) and worked as a field geologist at CASP in Cambridge for six years (2011-2017).

Current research :
At the moment, my research focusses on the Miocene to recent evolution of the Carpathians and their foreland basin as well as the adjacent NW Black Sea shelf. Together with the Tectonics, Relief and Basins research group at ISTerre, as well as an international team of collaborators, we reconstruct how the basin evolved over time. We evaluate how the sediment system responded to changing tectonic and climatic factors. Field observations form the backbone of the reconstructions. Age constraints are provided by magnetostratigraphy and radio-isotopic ages. Detailed sedimentary facies analyses are integrated with studies of ostracods, foraminifera, molluscs and mammal fossils to reconstruct changing paleo-environments. We study auto-cyclic as well as allo-cyclic behavior of the corresponding sediment systems. Heavy mineral assemblages, rock fragment compositions, mineral geochemistry and zircon geochronology are used to retrieve sediment provenance. Quantitative constraints on the physical processes that shaped the basin are obtained through numerical modelling. We make intensive use of GIS and 3D software such as MOVE. This integrated research aims to explore all facets of the evolution of the sediment system connecting it with Carpathian tectonics, evolution of the Paratethys and regional as well as global climate changes.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would be interested in an MSc research or internship.

Delta front deposits with a cyclicity related to processes within the sediment system, i.e. auto-cyclicity (Jorissen et al., 2018)

3D model of the Carpathian Foreland Basin generated in MOVE during an M1 internship at the Tectonics, Relief and Basins research group of ISTerre

Previous research projects :
These revolved around the Miocene lacustrine intra-montane basins of the Dinarides, Paratethys chronostratigraphy, the Badenian Salinity Crisis and Late Miocene to Pleistocene sediment delivery to the NW Black Sea.

Published articles :

  • Mandic, O., Sant, K., Kallanxhi, M.-E., Ćorić, S., Theobalt, D., Grunert, P., de Leeuw, A., Krijgsman, W. (2018) Integrated bio-magnetostratigraphy of the Badenian reference section Ugljevik in southern Pannonian Basin - implications for the Paratethys history (middle Miocene, Central Europe), Global and Planetary Change, in press.
  • de Leeuw, A., Tulbure, M., Kuiper, K.F., Melinte-Dobrinescu, M.C., Stoica, M. and Krijgsman, W. (2018) New 40Ar/39Ar and magnetostratigraphic constraints on the termination of the Badenian Salinity Crisis : Indications for tectonic improvement of basin interconnectivity in Southern Europe, Global and Planetary Change, in press.
  • Jorissen, E.L., de Leeuw, A., van Baak, C.G.C., Mandic., O, Stoica, M., Abels, H.A., Krijgsman, W. (2018) Sedimentary architecture and depositional controls of a Pliocene river-dominated delta in the semi-isolated Dacian Basin, Black Sea. Sedimentary Geology, 368 : p. 1-23
  • de Leeuw, A., Morton, A., C.G.C van Baak, and Vincent S.J. (2018) Provenance of sediments from DSDP Site 380/380A : Timing of arrival of the Danube to the Black Sea. Terra Nova, 30(2) : p.114-124
  • Šujan, M., Kovác, M., Hók, J., Šujan, M., Braucher, R., Rybár, S., de Leeuw, A. (2017) Late Miocene fluvial distributary system in the northern Danube Basin (Pannonian basin system) : Depositional processes, stratigraphic architecture and controlling factors of the Piešïany Member (Volkovce Formation). Geological Quaterly, 61(3) : p. 521-548
  • Matoshko, A., Matoshko, A., de Leeuw, A. and Stoica, M. (2016). "Facies analysis of the Balta Formation : Evidence for a large late Miocene fluvio-deltaic system in the East Carpathian Foreland". Sedimentary Geology, 343 : p165-189
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Scientific reports :
Reports produced for CASP in Cambridge.

  • The composition and provenance of palaeo-Dniester sand (2018). By : de Leeuw, A., Hyden, F., and Morton, A.C..
  • Composition and provenance of late Miocene to Pliocene sands of the palaeo-Danube and its tributaries in the Pannonian and Dacian basins : a predictive and interpretive framework for sediment supply to the Dacian and Black Sea basins. By : de Leeuw, A., Morton, A., Hyden, F., and Wong, K.
  • A GIS database of U–Pb zircon ages from basement rocks to the north-west of the Black Sea (2016). By : Pointon, M.A., de Leeuw, A. and Vautravers, B.P.H.
  • Provenance of sediments from DSDP Site 380 : Timing of arrival of the Danube to the southwest Black Sea (2015). By : de Leeuw, A., Morton, A.C., van Baak, C.G.C., Vincent, S.J. and Vautravers, B.P.H.
  • Pilot palynologic study of the Slănicul de Buzau section : Towards a biostratigraphic reference section for Eastern Paratethys sequences (2015). By : de Leeuw, A., Braham, B., Stoica, M. and Vincent, S.J.
  • Late Miocene to Early Pleistocene base-level evolution in the Southeast Carpathian foredeep : Sedimentary facies development along the Slănicul de Buzau section (2015). By : de Leeuw, A., Stoica, M., Vincent, S.J. and Vautravers, B.P.H.
  • Stratigraphy of the East Carpathian Foreland : Implications for sediment delivery to the NW Black Sea (2014). By : de Leeuw, A., Vincent, S.J. and Vautravers, B.P.H.
  • Petrographic and heavy mineral fingerprinting of Miocene, Pliocene and Pleistocene sediment delivery systems to the NW Black Sea (2013). By : de Leeuw, A., Vincent, S.J., Hyden, F.M., Morton, A.C. and Vautravers, B.P.H.
  • Petrographic and heavy-mineral fingerprinting of present-day rivers and beaches of the NW Black Sea (2013). By : de Leeuw, A., Vincent, S.J., Vezzoli, G., Morton, A.C. and Vautravers, B.P.H.
  • Micro- and macropalaeontological results for Miocene to Quaternary localities in Moldova and Ukraine (2013). By : Stoica, M., de Leeuw, A., Vincent, S.J. and Vautravers, B.P.H. Micro- and macropalaeontological results for Miocene to Quaternary localities in Romania and Moldova (2012). By : Stoica, M., de Leeuw, A., Vincent, S.J. and Vautravers, B.P.H.,
  • Miocene to recent sediment delivery to the north-western Black Sea (2012). By : de Leeuw, A. and Vincent, S.J.

Crossing a river in the Carpathians during fieldwork with students from the UGA.

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