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8 janvier 2015 ( dernière mise à jour : 26 janvier 2018 )

You can find below few examples of simulation results, that I have obtained using various scripts or codes, namely COMSOL, my own version of the SPH code SPHYSICS, and SIF².

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Landslides generated waves
The experimental free surface (top) is in good agreement with my SPH simulation, performed with SPHYSICS (bottom).
GIF - 5.5 Mo
Simulation (COMSOL) of a rotating flow in an ellipsoid
Iso-velocity 13% during 86 rotations (equatorial axes ratio b/a=0.72, polar axis c=(a+b)/2, Ekman E=0.002).
After the spin-up, the rotation axis is tilted by the tidal instability : this is the spinover mode.
PNG - 103.1 ko
Kinematic VKS dynamo
The velocity field of Gissinger (2009) provides a benchmark dynamo case, which allows to validate COMSOL.
PNG - 171.7 ko
Sloshing tank (COMSOL)
Diphasic moving mesh (ALE) simulations
PNG - 16 ko
Sloshing tank probe
Comparison of case G (fig. 26a) of Wu et al. (1998), solid black line, with SIF² (red dashed line) and COMSOL (blue dotted line)
JPEG - 56.3 ko
Interaction between tides & precession : a 1st step.
A sphere filled with liquid is deformed by 2 rollers (in gray) into an ellipsoid and set in rotation (motor in black). The whole setup is then tilted and fixed on a rotating table.
This setup has been studied theoretically & numerically
GIF - 1.9 Mo
Oenodynamics (COMSOL simulation)
Flow in the frame moving with the (orbiting) glass.
GIF - 2.5 Mo
Thermal convection (COMSOL simulation) : case 0 of the benchmark of Christensen et al. (2001).
In the rotating frame, cylindrical radial velocity between -15.6 & 12.7 (Christensen et al. (2001) for details).
The Busse columns (above) is a base flow able to drive a dynamo.
GIF - 14.4 ko
SPH simulation
Motion of a rolling half-full Beer Can as it rolls down an incline.
GIF - 221.5 ko
Impact of a buoyant sphere in a 2D water box
No-slip boundary conditions & no surface tension.
A very rough simulation which shows the abilities of the numerical code.
PNG - 179.1 ko
MHD experiment IMAGINE (with liquid metal)
The induced magnetic field of the elliptical instability is studied with this setup.

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