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Research Interests

29 octobre 2012 ( dernière mise à jour : 14 novembre 2012 )

My research spans a number of problems incorporating physics, geophysics, materials science, and solid mechanics. I am interested in how disordered materials deform and fail, materials that include earthquake faults, granular materials, glasses, colloids, and other non-crystalline materials. Because these systems are complex and involve a large range of length and time scales, I develop multi-scale methods that capture the essential physics at one scale and transmit that information to larger scales to model such systems. An example of such work I have done is to develoop a constitutive model for sheared amorphous solids that captures shear banding and strain localization (physics occurring at the grain scale) that can be used to describe material failure in a large scale elastodynamic earthquake simulation.

My work incorporates laboratory experiments, geophysical observations, and numerical models, and spans scales from grains up to global networks of faults, with the end goal of producing models with predictive power for how and under what conditions materials fail. For earthquake faults, this question plays an important role in seismic risk, as hazard estimates based on historical records are incomplete and contain large uncertainties. By incorporating physical constraints into models for earthquake failure, I aim to bound these uncertainties and improve estimates of shaking during large earthquakes.

More details about my research can be found in my publications, or by contacting me directly.

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