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Who is he ?

23 janvier 2012 ( dernière mise à jour : 3 mars 2016 )

Etienne Jaillard (1958)
Senior Researcher (DR) at the IRD, Institut des Sciences de la Terre (ISTerre)
Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers de Grenoble
Université Grenoble Alpes, France

Principal Research Interests :
Stratigraphy, sedimentology, Dynamics of sedimentary basins, Syntectonic sedimentation, Geodynamics of continental margins, Early evolution of the Andes (Peru, Ecuador), Cretaceous evolution of the southern Tethyan margin.

Education and Professional Experience :

  • 2006-14 Research on the Late Aptian-Albian trangression in Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.
  • 2004-08 Professor, Université Joseph Fourier. Research on the Albian trangression in Tunisia.
  • 2002 Senior Researcher (DR) at the IRD.
  • 2001-02 Quito : research on the Cretaceous-Paleogene evolution of Western Ecuador.
  • 1995-2001 Grenoble : research on the Cretaceous-Paleogene accretions of oceanic terranes in Ecuador.
  • 1989-95 Ecuador (Guayaquil, Quito) and England (Oxford) : research on the Cretaceous-Paleogene evolution of oil-bearing sedimentary basins of Peru and Ecuador.
  • 1989 Researcher (CR) at the IRD
  • 1984-88 Post-doctoral Research programs on the Cretaceous evolution of the Andean margin of Peru, and on the sedimentary and evolution of the Vanoise Massif (French Alps).
  • 1980-84 3rd cycle thesis, Université de Grenoble 1.

Synergistic activities, mentoring and training :

  • Mandatory at PhITEM, OSU Grenoble, ISTerre (2011-2014)
  • Head of the Doctorate School “Terre, Univers, Environnement”, Univ. Grenoble 1 (2007-10).
  • Member of various evaluation committees (IRD, AERES, UJF…) (2004-14) ;
  • PI of various international cooperation programs (South America, North Africa) since 1991 ;
  • Advisor for 12 PhD thesis (1 in progress).
  • Supervisor of 10 latin-american thesis, and 13 french Master thesis

Publications :

  • 60 international publications and books (1100 citations, H-index 18) ;
  • 60 oral contributions at scientific meetings, 4 keynotes ;
  • 12 invited seminars (Europe, South America, North Africa, Oil companies).

5 selected recent publications :

  1. Jaillard, E., Bouillin, J.-P., Ouali, J., Dumont, T., Latil, J.-L., Chihaoui, A., Zghal, I. (2013). The "Albian Crisis" in Central Tunisia : Nature and chronology of the deformations. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 85, 75-86.
  2. Riel, N., Guillot, S., Jaillard, E., Martelat, J.-E., Paquette, J.-L., Schwartz, S., Goncalves, P., Duclaux, G., Thebaud, N., Lanari, P., Janots, E., Yuquilema, J. (2013). Implications for high-temperature metamorphism in a forearc zone : a metamorphic and geochronogical study of the Triassic El Oro metamorphic complex in Ecuador. Lithos, 156-159, 41-68.
  3. Peybernes, C., Giraud, F., Jaillard, E., Robert, E., Masrour, M., Aoutem, M., Içame, N. (2012). Calcareous nannofossil productivity and carbonate production on the southern tethyan margin (Morocco) during the Late Aptian-Early Albian : paleoclimatic implications. Cretaceous Research, 39, 149-169.
  4. Chihaoui, A., Jaillard, E., Latil, J.-L., Susperregui, A.-S., Touir, J., Ouali, J. (2010). Stratigraphy of the Hameima and Lower Fahdene formations in the Tajerouine area (Northern Tunisia). Journal of African Earth Sciences, 58, 387-399.
  5. Jaillard, E., Lapierre, H., Ordoñez, M., Toro Á., J., Amórtegui, A., Vanmelle, J. (2009). Accreted oceanic terranes in Ecuador : Southern edge of the Caribbean Plate ? in : K. James, M.A. Lorente, J. Pindell, eds., Geological Society London, Special Publication, 328, 467-483.

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