Géraldine SARRET

Environmental Geochemist

Contact : geraldine.sarret at univ-grenoble-alpes.fr

Tel : 33 4 76 63 51 99

Research Interests

-  Fate of manufactured nanoparticles in the environment and impact on living organisms
-  Crops : fate of metals after root or foliar uptake ; implications for human exposure
-  The rhizosphere of higher plants :
1. Effects on the speciation of metals in the susbtrate, impacts on their bioavailability
2. Rôle of mycorrhizae on root uptake of metals and on metal tolerance of the plant
-  Metal hyperaccumulating plants : relationships between tolerance and hyperaccumulation traits and the mechanisms of metal uptake and sequestration
-  Soil microorganisms :
1. Mechanisms of metal sorption on the bacterial cell wall, role of the extracellular polymeric substances
2. Structure and function of proteins involved in metal tolerance processes
-  Speciation of metals in soils and sediments

Possible applications of these researches :

- Phytotechnologies for the remediation or management of metal contaminated soils
- Risk assessment : transfer of contaminants in trophic chains, human exposure
- Bioremediation

Techniques used
- Imaging techniques : micro X-ray fluorescence (µXRF), Micro-particle-induced X-ray emission (microPIXE), electron microscopy (TEM-EDX, SEM-EDX), autoradiography,
- Spectroscopy : X-ray absorption spectroscopy (EXAFS, XANES, microEXAFS, microXANES), FTIR, Raman, NMR, circular dichroïsm
- X-ray diffraction and micro-diffraction,
- Physico- chemistry : Acid base titrations and metal sorption isotherms, chemical extractions, DGT
- Analytical chemistry

French research programs (CNRS, Ministry of Environment, ANR, LabEx : OSUG@2020 and Serenade, EquipEx : NanoID)
European programs (Marie Curie fellowships, 7th PCRD : NanoHouse collaborative project)

Member (2010-2014) and then Head (2015-2017) of the SOLEIL and CRG review committee for beamtime applications in Environmental Sciences & Cultural Heritage (CP6)
Member of the IMBG executive board (Institut des Métaux en Biologie de Grenoble) (2012-present)
Head of the Geochemistry Group at ISTerre (11 researchers, 5 technicians and engineers, 10 PhD students and post docs) (2013-2017)
Associate Editor for the Journal of Environmental Quality (2009-2016)
Member of the Scientific Committee of BIOEFFECT Action, CNRS (2011-2015)
Member of ISTEB executive board (2011-2015)
Member of the ESRF review committee for beamtime applications (2006-2009)
Member of the User’s committee of SOLEIL synchrotron (2006-2008)

- EXAFS spectroscopy and related techniques - Applications in earth and environmental sciences
- Biogeochemistry of the rhizosphere
- Phytoremediation
- Spectroscopic and imaging techniques : acquisition and data treatment

Publication list
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