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22 janvier 2016 ( dernière mise à jour : 8 décembre 2017 )

- Wang,W., Godard, V. Zeng, J-L. Scherler,D. , Xu,C. Zhang,J, Xie, K., Bellier,O. Ansberque,C. de Sigoyer, J. and ASTER Team (2017) Perturbation of fluvial sediment fluxes following the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms DOI : 10.1002/esp.4210
- Airaghi, L., Lanari, P., de Sigoyer, J., Guillot, S. (2017a). Microstructural vs compositional preservation and pseudomorphic replacement of muscovite in deformed metapelites from the Longmen Shan (Sichuan, China). Lithos, 282-283, 260-280. doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2017.03.013
-  Airaghi L., de Sigoyer J. Lanari P, Guillot S., Vidal O., Monié P, Sautter B, (accepted) Total exhumation across the Beichuan fault (Longmen Shan, Sichuan, China) estimated from metamorphic study, Journal of Southeast Asia Earth Sciences
-  Billerot, A., Duchêne S. Vanderhaeghe O., de Sigoyer J., (accepted) Gneiss domes of the Danba Metamorphic Complex, Songpan Ganze, eastern Tibet. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences
-  Ansberque C., Godard V., Bellier O., de Sigoyer J., Liu-Zeng J., Xu X., Ren Z., Li Y., A.S.T.E.R. Team, (2015) Denudation pattern across the Longriba fault system and implications for the geomorphological evolution of the eastern Tibetan margin Geomorphology 246, 542-557
• Benjelloun, Y. de Sigoyer J., Dessales, H. Carlut, J. Hubert Ferrari A. Pamir H., (2015) Characterization of building materials from the aqueduct of Antioch-on-the-Orontes. C. R. Geoscience 347,170–180.
• de Sigoyer J., Vanderhaeghe O. Duchêne S. Billerot A., (2014) Generation and emplacement of Triassic granitoids within the Songpan Ganze accretionary-orogenic wedge in a context of slab retreat accommodated by tear faulting, Eastern Tibetan plateau, China. Journal of Asian Earth Science
• Robert, A., Pubellier M., de Sigoyer J., Vergne. J., Lahfid A., Cattin, R. Findling, N., Zhu J. (2010). Structural and thermal features of the Longmen Shan Mountain. Tectonophysics. v. 491, p. 165-173.
• Robert A., Zhu J., Vergne, J., Cattin R., de Sigoyer J., Chan L-S. Pubellier M., Wittlinger, Wu X6W., Farra V., Herquel G., Zhu L. D. , Wu L-Z. Doin, M.-P. , Duchêne S., Godard V., Billerot A., Lasserre C., Lavé J., Pik R. ; Vanderhaeghe O. (2010) Crustal structures in the area of the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake from geophysics and geology, Tectonophysics v. 491, p. 205-210.
• de Michele, M. ; Raucoules, D. ; de Sigoyer, J. Pubellier, M. ; Chamot-Rooke, N.(2010) Three-dimensional surface displacement of the 12 May 2008 Sichuan earthquake (China) derived from Synthetic Aperture Radar : evidence for rupture on a blind thrust. GJI-S-10-0076L.R3, Geolophysical Journal International. v. 183, p. 1097-1103
• de Michele, M., Raucoules, D., Lasserre, C., Pathier, E., Klinger, Y., Van Der Woerd, J., de Sigoyer, J. & Xu, X., 2010. The Mw 7.9, 12 May 2008 Sichuan earthquake rupture measured by sub-pixel correlation of ALOS PALSAR amplitude images, doi:10.5047/eps.2009.05.002. , Earth Planets Space. v.62, 875–879.
• Godard V., Pik R., Lavé J., Cattin R., Tibari B, de Sigoyer J., Pubellier M., Zhu J. (2009) Exhumation History of the Central Longmen Shan (Eastern Tibet) from (U-Th)/He. Thermochronometry. Tectonics, v. 28 p.1-17.
• Bailly, V ; Pubellier, M ; Ringenbach, JC ; de Sigoyer, J. ; Sapin, F. Deformation zone Jumps, in a young convergent setting ; the Lengguru fold-and-thrust belt, New Guinea Island, (2009), Lithos v.113, Issue : 1-2, p.306-317.
• Negro F., de Sigoyer J., Goffé B., Saddiqi O. Villa I.M., (2008) Tectonic evolution of the Betic-Rif arc : new constraints from Ar40/Ar39 dating of white micas in the Temsamane units (External Rif, northern Morocco). Lithos , v.106, p.93-109.
• Guillot, S., Mahéo G., de Sigoyer J., Hattori K. Pêcher A. (2008) Tethyan and Indian subduction viewed from the Himalayan high- to ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks. Tectonophysics v. 451, p. 225–241.
• de Sigoyer J., Guillot S., Dick P., (2004) - Exhumation of the ultrahigh-pressure Tso Morari unit in eastern Ladakh (NW Himalaya) : A case study . TC3003. Tectonics, v.23.
• Guillot, S., Garzanti, E., Baratoux D., Marquer, D., Mahéo, G., and de Sigoyer J. (2003) Reconstructing the total shortening history of the NW Himalaya, Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, v. 4, N°7. G3
• Luais B., Duchêne S., de Sigoyer, J. (2001) What are the causes of Sm-Nd disequilibria in high-pressure low-temperature Himalayan and Alpine rocks. Tectonophysics. v. 342, p.1-22
• Guillot S., Hattori K. H., de Sigoyer J., Nägler T.  Auzende A.L. (2001) - Evidence of hydration of the mantle wedge and its role in the exhumation of eclogites, Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters. v. 193, N° 1-2, p.115-127.
• de Sigoyer, J., Chavagnac, V., Blichert-Toft, J., Villa, I.M., Luais, B., Guillot, S., Cosca, M., and Mascle, G., 2001, Dating the Indian continental subduction and collisional thickening in the northwest Himalaya : Multichronology of the Tso Morari eclogites : Reply : Geology, v. 29, p. 192-192.
• de Sigoyer J., Chavagnac V., Blichert-Toft J., Guillot S., Luais B., Cosca M., Mascle G., Villa I. (2000) – Dating continental subduction and collisional thickening in NW Himalaya : Multichronometry of the Tso Morari eclogites. Geology v. 28 ; n°6 ; p.487-490.
• Guillot S., Hattori K., de Sigoyer J., (2000) - Mantle wedge serpentinization and exhumation of eclogites : insights from eastern Ladakh (NW Himalaya). Geology, v. 28, N°. 3, p.199-202.
• Mahéo G., Bertrand H., Guillot S., Mascle G., Pêcher A., Picard C., de Sigoyer J. (2000) Témoins d’un arc immature téthysien dans les ophiolites du Sud Ladakh (NW-Himalaya, Inde), Compte Rendu de l’Académie des Sciences. N° 330, p 289-295.
• de Sigoyer J., Guillot S., Lardeaux J.M.,  Mascle G. (1997) - Glaucophane bearing eclogites in the Tso Morari dome (eastern Ladakh, NW Himalaya). European Journal of Mineralogy N°. 9, p1073-1083..
• Guillot S., de Sigoyer J., Lardeaux J.M., (1997) - Eclogitic metasediments from the Tso Morari area (Ladakh, Himalaya) : evidence for continental subduction during India-Asia convergence. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology. N°. 128, p 197-212.

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