Current research in the Charlet laboratory at ISTerre ( the University of Grenoble and CNRS) focuses on water geochemistry, investigating the biogeochemical processes in soils, aquifers and organisms, and their influence on mobility, bioavailability, biotransformation and chemical speciation of trace elements and organics (e.g. PrP and AMN proteins and antibiotics) in terrestrial aquatic environments under varying redox and hydrological conditions. We aim to develop general methods for understanding the reactivity of nanoparticles present in natural systems and human body, particularly as a means of predicting biogeochemical processes that are relevant to environmental quality, sustainability, nanotoxicity, risk assessment and paleoenvironment reconstruction. Our group maintains a modern environmental chemistry laboratory specialised in trace element analysis (particularly Hg, As, Se), surface chemistry, oxygen-free synthesis, solute and gas sorption analysis. In several projects we make use of synchrotron X-ray techniques, such as X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy, neutron scattering, Mössbauer and XPS spectroscopy. Insights provided by molecular simulations (DFT, MD) confronted to the spectroscopic/scattering data are critical to a fundamental understanding of the structure and surface chemistry of natural (nano)particles (in particular imogolite nanotubes, clays and carbonates). Current research projects are mainly funded by CNRS, ANDRA and the European Union.

The group is represented in numerous French and international scientific and funding bodies. Outreach activities include the organisation of Workshops and Conferences. Laurent Charlet is co-Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Hydrology, Rovaltain Environmental Toxicology Facility Head of the Scientific Committe and senior member of the Institut Universitaire de France.

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Laurent Charlet

Professor of Water Geochemistry

CNRS and
University of Grenoble, France

Email : charlet38

address : ISTerre, BP 53, 38041 Grenoble, Cedex 9

Access :

office : Maison des Géosciences (1er), Rue de la Piscine, Campus Universitaire
phone : +33 (0)4 76 63 51 98
Fax :+ 33 (0)4 76 63 52 52
lab : Maison des Géosciences (1er), Rue de la Piscine, Campus Universitaire
cellular : (+33 (0)6 83 36 04 94


Laurent Charlet, Distinguished Professor, University Joseph Fourier Grenoble CV complet
Birth : September 22, 1955, Paris
Institut des Sciences de la Terre (ISTerre), OSUG-C (Maison des (...)

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Toxics may be immobilised, but also protected against degradation, and possibly uptaken by living organisms when they are adsorbed on nano- (e.g. clay) particles. Conversely (...)

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Field Research

French Guyana (1999-2006) : In charge during 4 years (the co-PI during the following 4 years) of a large CNRS Programme entitled « Mercure en Guyane » and including 12 different teams (...)

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Mathilde Didier ANDRA thesis, 50% LGIT, 50% CEA M.Sc. in Nuclear Chemistry at Paris National School of Chemistry (2009) Reactive transport of hydrogen in argillite
Jing He CAS PhD (...)

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Group Alumni

PhD Students Name (nationality)
Present Position Ph.D. Title Year Emmanuelle Liger (France)
Environmental Scientist
Paper Industry, Sweden Catalysis by mineral surfaces : The U(VI) (...)

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Awards and Recognitions

• Doctor Honoris Causae, University of Swansea, UK (2015)
• Adjunct Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada (2013-2015)
• Invited Professor (2014) EPFL-Lausanne : Recherche sur l’arsenic dans (...)

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Publication List

Book chapters
8. Nowack, B., Rickerby, D., Morrison, M. and L. Charlet (2008) Nanotechnology for the environment In : Gennesys White Book (van de Voorde, M. Ed.) 7. Cuello, G.J., Román-Ross, G., (...)

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