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12 juillet 2013 ( dernière mise à jour : 26 juin 2015 )

Mathilde Didier

ANDRA thesis, 50% LGIT, 50% CEA

M.Sc. in Nuclear Chemistry at Paris National School of Chemistry (2009)

Reactive transport of hydrogen in argillite

Jing He

CAS PhD studenti

B.A. in Material Chemistry, M.Sc. in Env. Sci., University of Wuhan, China (2010)

Use of chitosane-clay bionanocomposite and imogolite nanotubes to remove As, F and antibiotics from contaminated waters.

Regina Kirsch

DFZ thesis, 50% advisor : Andreas Scheinost, ESRF-FZD, Grenoble

M.Sc. in Biochemistry, University of XXXX, Germany (2005)

Chemistry of Antimony, Selenium and Plutonium and their reactivity towards natural Fe(II)-rich minerals. Spectroscopy (XAFS, XPS). Wet chemistry, structural based surface complexation modeling.

Chris Parsons

33% advisor : Gabriela Roman Ross, University of Girona, Spain and Luca Montanarella, Ispra, Italy

M.Sc. in Environmental Chemistry, University of Manchester, UK(2007)

Floodplain chemistry ; redox cycles upon flooding and chemistry of arsenic and iron ; GIS of As affected groundwaters.

Cathy Pham

60% Advisor : Garrison Sposito, University of California, Berkeley, USA

B.A. in Molecular & Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley, USA(1999)

Arsenic Uptake and Chemical Speciation in Coastal Marine Algae, Ulva Lactuca. _ Comparison of the San Francisco Bay and Mediterranean Sea. A scientific basis for biomonitoring and bioremediation

Mingliang Kang

visting Ph.D. Student ; Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,China Academy of Science, China

Selenium reaction with FeS2, FeS ; Structure of Fe(S,Se) solid solutions

Nghim Van Tuan

66% advisor : Rachid Nejaï, Geography Department, UJF, Grenoble

M.Sc. in Soil Science, University of Hanoï, Vietnam (2008)

Constance Bochot

Sylvain Grangeon
PhD. Univ. of Grenoble, 2007
Reactivity of calcite towards 13CO32-
Lenny Winkel

Ph.D. in ETH-Zürich and PSI, Switzerland (2006)

Methylation of selenium in soils (total fluxes by 75Se, trapping by HNO3 and speciation by HPLC-AFS or ICP-MS. Arsenic presence in natural limestone : identification of incorporation mechanisms.

Fabrizio Bardelli

Ph.D. in Physics at University of Grenoble (2006)

XAFS of seleniumin calcite and sulfides

Antoine Géhin

Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, Univ. Nancy, France (2004)

Surface chemistry and physics of FeS2 and FeS nanoparticles and their reactivity towards Se.

ENGINEERS AND VISITING SCHOLARS Engineers shared with other members of the LGIT geochemistry group
Delphine Tisserand

Web page

Mingliang Kang,

visiting PhD student (Guangzhou University)

Javiera Cervini-Silva
Kimseng Choeun,

visiting Graduate student (Cambodia)


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