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Publication List

25 juin 2015

Book chapters

8. Nowack, B., Rickerby, D., Morrison, M. and L. Charlet (2008) Nanotechnology for the environment In : Gennesys White Book (van de Voorde, M. Ed.)
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1. Charlet, L. and A. Manceau, (1993) Structure, formation, and reactivity of hydrous oxide particles : Insights from x-ray absorption spectroscopy, in Environmental particles, J. Buffle and H.P.v. Leeuwen, Editors, Lewis Publ. : Chelsea, Michigan. p. 117-164.

Conference Papers

11. Charlet, L., F. Bardelli, C. Parsons, J. He, S. Chakraborty and J. Gailer. Arsenic binding onto phyllosilicates and glutathione : Soil immobilisation and human excretion mechanisms. in 4th International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment. 2012. Cairns, QLD ; Australia
10. Fellhauer, D., R. Kirsch, M. Altmaier, V. Neck, A.C. Scheinost, T. Wiss, L. Charlet and T. Fanghänel. Plutonium redox behavior in aqueous solutions and on nanocrystalline iron phases. in 6th International Conference on Plutonium Futures - The Science 2010. 2010. Keystone, CO ; United States.
9. Burnol, A. and L. Charlet. Fe(II)-Fe(III)-bearing phases as a mineralogical control on arsenic release in Southeast Asian aquifers. in 3rd International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment, As 2010. 2010. Tainan ; Taiwan.
8. Wolthers, M., L. Charlet and C.H. Van Der Weijden. Arsenic sorption onto disordered mackinawite as a control on the mobility of arsenic in the ambient sulphidic environment. in XII International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment. 2003. Grenoble ; France.
7. Spadini, L. and L. Charlet. Distribution of anthropogenic mercury in French Guyana river sediments downstream from gold mining sites. in XII International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment. 2003. Grenoble ; France.
6. Roman-Ross, G., L. Charlet, G.J. Cuello and D. Tisserand. Arsenic removal by gypsum and calcite in lacustrine environments. in XII International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment ; . 2003. Grenoble ; France.
5. Mélières, M.A., M. Pourchet, L. Spadini and L. Charlet. The large impact of gold-mining in total-Hg content in sediment of the dam lake of Petit Saut (French Guiana). in XII International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment. 2003. Grenoble ; France.
4. Coquery, M., D. Cossa, S. Azemard, T. Peretyazhko and L. Charlet. Methylmercury formation in the anoxic waters of the Petit-Saut reservoir (French Guiana) and its spreading in the adjacent Sinnamary river. in XII International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment. 2003. Grenoble ; France.
3. Chatterjee, D., S. Chakraborty, B. Nath, J. Jana, R. Bhattacharyya, S.B. Mallik and L. Charlet. Mobilization of arsenic in sedimentary aquifer vis-à-vis subsurface iron reduction processes. in XII International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment. 2003. Grenoble ; France.
2. Charlet, L., G. Roman-Ross, L. Spadini and G. Rumbach. Solid and aqueous mercury in remote river sediments (Litany River, French Guyana, South America). in XII International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment ; Grenoble. 2003. Grenoble ; France.
1. Charlet, L., S. Chakraborty, T. Appello, A.A. Latscha, D. Chatterjee and B. Mallick. Propagation of a natural arsenic plume in West Bengal, India. in XII International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment. 2003. Grenoble ; France.

Journal articles

154. Guillot, S., Garçon, M., Weinlan, B., Gajurel, A., Tisserand, D., France-Lanord, C., Van Geen, A., Chakraborty, S., Huyghe, P., Upreti, B.N., Charlet, L. (2015) Origin of Arsenic in Late Pleistocene to Holocene sediments in the Nawalparasi District (Terai, Nepal) Environmental Earth Sciences (published on line)
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149. Eiche, E., Bardelli, F., Nothstein, F., Charlet, L., Göttlicher, ,J., Steininger , R., Dhillon, K., Sadana, U. (2014) Selenium distribution and speciation in plant parts of wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) from a seleniferous area of Punjab, India. Science of the Total Environment pp. 952-961
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