Codes available for downloading

ncf_denoising.m is a script for denoising a set of ambient noise correlations with an SVD-based Wiener filter. Figure 1 shows the effect of the filter on a set of noise correlation functions.

Effect of the SVD-based Wiener filter on a set of noise correlation functions. Only the causal part is shown. Left : raw correlation functions and right : denoised correlation functions. {JPEG}

3D_GW_Scattering is a package of scripts for calculating analytically the scattered elastic field in a plate, when a fundamental Lamb mode is incident with a planar wavefront on a (prismatic) defect with arbitrary contour. Figure 2 shows a screenshot of the package : main script with input parameters, defect geometry and scattered field for the S0, A0 and SH0 Lamb wave modes when the A0 mode is incident from the right of the defect.