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19 juin 2016 ( dernière mise à jour : 8 août 2017 )


EGU2017-7376. Physical model of a fumarolic system inferred from a high-resolution 3-D Resistivity image of Solfatara volcano. Gresse, M., Vandemeulebrouck, J., Byrdina, S., Chiodini, G., Rinaldi, A.P., Johnson, T.C., Ricci, T., Petrillo, Z., Vilardo, G., Lebourg, T., and Mangiacapra, A.

EGU2017-16952. P- and S-wave models and statistical characterization of scatterers at the Solfatara Volcano using active seismic data from RICEN experiment. Serra, M., Festa, G., Roux, P., Vandemeulebrouck, J., Gresse, M., and Zollo, A.

EGU2017-17637. 2D and 3D high resolution seismic imaging of shallow Solfatara crater in Campi Flegrei (Italy) : new insights on deep hydrothermal fluid circulation processes. De Landro, G., Gammaldi, S., Serlenga, V., Amoroso, O., Russo, G., Festa, G., D’Auria, L., Bruno, P.P., Gresse, M., Vandemeulebrouck, J., and Zollo, A.

EGU2017-15130. Solfatara volcano subsurface imaging : two different approaches to process and interpret multi-variate data sets. Bernardinetti, S., Bruno, P.P., Lavoué, F., Gresse, M., Vandemeulebrouck, J., and Revil, A.

IAVCEI 2017. Bouligand, C., Byrdina, S., Gresse, M., Revil, A., Vandemeulebrouck, J., Hurwitz, S. Joint interpretation of magnetic and electric resistivity surveys in Yellowstone and Campi Flegrei vapor-dominated hydrothermal systems.

IAVCEI 2017. Mayer, K., Montanaro, C., Isaia, R., Gresse, M., Scheu, B., Yilmaz, T.I., Vandemeulebrouck, J., Ricci, T., Dingwell, D.B. On the role of the subsoil on surficial degassing processes at Solfatara crater, Campi Flegrei caldera.


EGU-2016-11719. 4-D imaging and monitoring of the Solfatara crater (Italy) by ambient noise tomography. Pilz, M., Parolai, S., Woith, H., Gresse, M., and Vandemeulebrouck, J.

EGU-2016-12509. Hydrothermal activity and subsurface soil complexity : implication for outgassing processes at Solfatara crater, Campi Flegrei caldera. Montanaro, C., Mayer, K., Scheu, B., Isaia, R., Mangiacapra, A., Gresse, M., Vandemeulebrouck, J., Moretti, R., and Dingwell, D.B.

EGU-2016-12544. Resistivity structure of the Furnas hydrothermal system (Azores archipelago, Portugal) from AMT and ERT imaging. Byrdina, S., Vandemeulebrouck, J., Rath, V., Silva, C., Hogg, C., Kiyan, D., Viveiros, F., Eleuterio, J., and Gresse, M.

EGU-2016-6449. Matching high-resolution seismic and electrical resistivity profiling to infer the shallow structure of Solfatara Volcano (Italy). Bruno, P.P., Gresse, M., Maraio, S., Vandemeulebrouck, J., and Di Fiore, V.

MED-SUV Meeting 2016. Hydrothermal fluid flow structures at Solfatara volcano, Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex and Mt. Etna. Ricci, T., Gresse, M., Vandemeulebrouck, J., Finizola, A., Byrdina, S., Chiodini, G., Johnson, T.C., Lebourg, T., Gazoty, A., Bascou, P., Grangeon, J., Romeyer, O., Roux, P., Letort, J., Mangiacapra, A., Petrillo, Z. Siniscalchi, A., Vilardo, G., Delcher, E., Peltier, A., Antoine, R., Poret, M. Vesuvius 2014 and Etna 2015 ERT Team : Bernard, J., Brothelande, E., Fanizza, G., Fargier, Y., Fauchard, C., Foucart, B., Gailler, L., Gueguen, E., Gusset, R., Lazarte Zerpa, I., Martin, E., Matera, A., Mezon, C., Portal, A., Rossi, M., Boudoire, G., Calamita, G., Neri, M., Piscitelli, S., Rizzo, E., Sciarra, A., Calabrese, S., Bellucci, E., and Nave, R.

ESC 2016-426. A strongly heterogeneous hydrothermal area imaged by surface waves : the case of Solfatara, Campi Flegrei, Italy. Serra, M., Festa, G., Roux, P., Gresse, M., Vandemeulebrouck, J., and Zollo, A.


AGU-2015:V13C-3132. Hydrothermal activity at Campi Flegrei caldera : rock mechanical properties and implications for outgassing and possible phreatic eruptions. Montanaro, C., Mayer, K., Scheu, B., Isaia, R., Mangiacapra, A., Gresse, M., Vandemeulebrouck, J., Moretti, M., and Dingwell, D.B.

AGU-2015:V13C-3157. The Anatomy of a Fumarole inferred from a 3-D High-Resolution Electrical Resistivity Image of Solfatara Hydrothermal System (Phlegrean Fields, Italy). Gresse, M., Vandemeulebrouck, J., Chiodini, C., Byrdina, S., Lebourg, T., and Johnson, T.C.

IUGG-2015:41067 (PDF). Shallow structure of Solfatara (Italy) revealed by seismic and electric profiling. Bruno, P.P., Di Fiore, V., Festa, G., Gresse, M., Maraio, S., Nazzaro, I., Vandemeulebrouck, J.

MED-SUV Meeting 2015 (PDF). Imaging of the Furnas caldera and hydrothermal area (Azores archipelago, Portugal) by Audio Magneto Tellurics (AMT) and Electrical Resistivity tomography (ERT). Byrdina, S., Vandemeulebrouck, J., Silva, C., Rath, V., Hogg, C., Kiyan, D., Viveiros, F., Eleuterio, J., Rodriguez, L., Sousa, E., Sousa, V., Gresse, M., and Ferreira, T.

MED-SUV Meeting 2015 (PDF). DC resistivity models at Solfatara and Vesuvius : Insights into their shallow hydrothermal systems. Vandemeulebrouck, J., Finizola, A., Gresse, M., Byrdina, S., and Mangiacapra, A.


AGU-2014:V21A-4715. Vandemeulebrouck, J., Gresse, M., Chiodini, G., Woith, H., Byrdina S., and Bruno, P.P. CO2 Flux changes induced by a Vibratory SeismicSource at Solfatara (Phlegrean Fields, Italy).

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