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16 juillet 2013


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P. S. Agram, R. Jolivet, B. Riel, Y. N. Lin, M. Simons, E. Hetland, M.-P. Doin, and C. Lasserre, New Radar Interferometric Time Series Analysis Toolbox Released", Eos, Vol. 94, No. 7, 12 February 2013 PDF

R. Jolivet, C. Lasserre, M.-P. Doin, G. Peltzer, J.-P. Avouac, R. Dailu, J. Sun, Spatio-temporal evolution of aseismic slip along the Haiyuan fault, China : Implications for fault frictional properties, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., accepted

Ducret G., M. P. Doin, R. Grandin, S. Guillaso and C. Lasserre, DEM corrections before unwrapping in a small baseline strategy for InSAR time series analysis. GRSL, IEEE, accepted

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