Olivier VIDAL

CNRS, director of research
olivier.vidal uj-grenoble.fr

Scientific coordinator of ERA-MIN, an era-net on the industrial handling of non energy raw materials for the European industries : www.era-min-eu.org

The latest release of XMaptools (XMapTools 1.6.4, August, 2013), a MATLAB©-based software for X-ray images processing is available at : http://www.xmaptools.com


Raw materials • Vidal, O. Goffé, B. and Arndt, N. (2013) : Metals for a low-carbon society, Nature Geoscience, 6, 894-896 • Vidal, O., Goffé, B and Arndt, N. (2013) : Approvisionnement en matières premières non-énergétiques : le cas de la France. Bulletin de la société d’études économiques et sociales, 70, 13-25. ISSN 0035-2772. • Goffé B., Christmann P., Vidal O. (2012) : La recherche pour l’utilisation durable des ressources minérales - Géosciences n° 15 - (BRGM, Paris, France), 80-90 • Vidal, O., Weiheld, P., Hageluken, C., Bol, D., Christmann, P., Arndt, N. (2013) : On the industrial handling of (...)

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XMapTools 1.6.4 (August, 2013)
XMapTools is a program with graphical user interface for X-ray images processing (Lanari et al., 2013 Computers & Geosciences). XMapTools uses Castaing’s approach to transform the X-ray images in maps of oxide compositions (Wt%). Chemical zoning can be investigated using different modules (Chem2D, Triplot3D). XMapTools can be downloaded at : http://www.xmaptools.com. It is free for academic and research use, but requires a registration on this website. We hope that XMapTools will enrich your electron microprobe (...)

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