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Inner core anisotropy workshop

7 mars 2013 ( dernière mise à jour : 2 octobre 2013 )

We organise a small workshop on the inner core anisotrpy to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the publication of the Nature paper by G. Poupinet , R. Pillet and A. Souriau in 1983. This event will be an opportunity to review current ideas and try to draw new lines of research.

It would take place in Grenoble (ISTerre) the first week of october, Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 of october. It is free of charge. If you’d like to join (and present your work), please contact Philippe Cardin (philippe.cardin(at)ujf-grenoble.fr) or Sébatien Merkel (sebastien.merkel(at)univ-lille1.fr).

Posters are welcome. The talks will be 20’ long + 10’ discussion. 20’ presentations will be strictly enforced to favor open discussions in the room.

List of participants

How to get to ISTerre ?

trains from Paris 2/10 7h37-10h43 or 6h37-9h40
trains to Paris 3/10 19h20-22h23

Tentative program (1/8/13)

We 2/10speakerTitle
10h45 café de bienvenue
11h15 B. Romanowicz Inner core structure and anisotropy 30 years later
11h45 G. Morard Composition of the Earth’s core from density measurements of liquid iron alloys at megabar pressure
12h15 S. Labrosse High thermal conductivity of the core and the possibility of thermal convection in the inner core
12h45 Repas sur place
14h30 A. Deuss Inner anisotropy and heterogeneity form combining body wave and normal mode observations
15h L. Vocadlo Trying to match the heterogeneity of the Earth’s inner core using ab initio simulations
15h30 S. Merkel TBA - models of anisotropy
16h pause/café
16h30 J. Badro TBA - composition
17h R. Caracas Si in the Earth’s core
17h30 M. Bergman Laboratory Experiments on the Solidification, Annealing, and Deformation of Metallic Alloys
19h30 diner au restaurant
Th 3/10speakerTitle
9h P. Olson dynamo structure with lopsided inner core growth
9h30 M. Monnereau The role of boundary conditions in dynamical problems : the case of Earth’s inner core
10h J. Aubert Geomagnetic signatures of inner core dynamics
10h30 pause/café
11h A. Souriau Séminaire général ISTerre:Le noyau terrestre vu par la sismologie : avancées, contradictions, controverses.
12h30 repas sur place
14h D. Mainprice The contribution of seismic anisotropy of the Earth’s Core from a Planetary perspective
14h30 D. Antonangeli Elasticiy and sound wave anisotropy of hcp-metals at high pressure
15h M. Campillo Body wave imaging of the core with ambient seismic noise (5s-100s)
15h30 D. Jault ICB topography and dynamics of the outer core
16h pause/café
16h30 B. Buffett The interplay between inner and outer core dynamics
17h00 R. Deguen Convection in the Earth’s inner core
17h30 M. Lasbleis TBA :Magnetic forcings in the inner core
18h Fin du workshop

Posters/participants : Joanne Adams, Ludivic Huguet, Lauren Waszek, Angelika Rosa, Thierry Alboussière, Stefano Maffei, Karen Lythgoe,

Fr 4 oct - 9h30 A. Lincot PhD defense "Modèle direct d’anisotropie sismique dans la graine terrestre et étude texturale de la transition de phase alpha-epsilon du fer.
Contraindre les processus géodynamiques et les propriétés minéralogiques du fer par les observations sismologiques et expérimentales."

We thank INSU/CNRS and labex OSUG@2020 for their financial support.

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