Summary :

I obtained a PhD degree in December 2018 at Institut des Sciences de la Terre, Université Grenoble Alpes, within the SEISCOPE consortium, under supervision of Pr. Jean Virieux and Dr. Ludovic Métivier.

As a numerical geophysicist, I develop 2D and 3D algorithms for solving PDEs using finite volume, finite difference, and discontinuous finite element methods, aiming at developing asymptotic approaches for seismic modeling, imaging, and inversion at various scales in the Earth interior.

Research interests :

  • Wave propagation in anisotropic heterogeneous media in the high-frequency regime for geophysical applications
  • High-order numerical algorithms for hyperbolic PDEs
  • Asymptotic and full-waveform inversion schemes
  • Seismic imaging
  • Wave propagation at various scales

During my PhD, I experienced the richness of gathering knowledge from various communities (applied mathematics and geophysics).

In-house and international collaboration :

- Ludovic Métivier, Jean Virieux, ISTerre, Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France
- Hervé Chauris, Mark Noble, MINES ParisTech, Fontainebleau, France
- Borhan Tavakoli F., Géoazur, Sophia Antipolis, France
- Mondher Benjemaa, University of Sfax, Sfax, Tunisia

Academic background :

- Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France. Dec. 2015 - Dec. 2018.

  • PhD in Geophysics. Supervisors : Pr. Jean Virieux, Dr. Ludovic Métivier.

- MINES ParisTech, Paris, France. Aug. 2009 - Dec. 2010.

  • Master of Science in Geosciences - French engineer diploma.

- Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France. Aug. 2006 - Aug. 2009.

  • Master of Science in Mechanics and Physics - French engineer diploma.


Traveltime computation in SEAMII Foothills model
Traveltime computation obtained with a DG scheme in a complex Vp model with topography (Cross section from SEAMII Foothills model) : Vp model, traveltimes, traveltimes derivatives in x and z directions. (P. Le Bouteiller et al., 2018.)

Experience and training

Research experience
Strong skills developed in numerical modeling and inverse problem solving for physical and geophysical problems. PhD project, Dec. 2015 - Nov. 2018, ISTerre, Université (...)

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