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1er septembre 2011 ( dernière mise à jour : 12 mars 2014 )


Under review

Lafay R., Montes-Hernandez G., Janots, E., Chiriac R., Lithium partitioning and its role to speed up serpentinization reaction.


[8] Lafay R., Montes-Hernandez G., Janots, E., Chiriac R., Findling N., Toche F., (2014) Simultaneous precipitation of magnesite and lizardite from hydrothermal alteration of olivine under high-carbonate alkalinity. Chemical Geology 368, 63–75.

PDF - 2.9 Mo

[7] Lafay R., Montes-Hernandez G., Janots, E., Auzende A-L., Chiriac R., Lemarchand D., Toche F. (2014) Influence of trace elements on the textural properties of synthetic chrysotile : Complementary insigths from macroscopic to nanoscopic measurements, Micorporous and Mesoporous Material, 183, 81–90.

PDF - 3.2 Mo

[6] Debret B., Andreani M., Godard M., Nicollet C., Schwartz S., Lafay R. (2013) Trace element behaviour during serpentinization/de-serpentinization of an eclogitized oceanic lithosphere : a LA-ICPMS study of the Lanzo ultramafic massif (Western Alps), Chemical Geology 357, 117–133.

PDF - 5.3 Mo

[5] Montes-Hernandez G., Renard F., Lafay R. (2013) Experimental assessment of CO2-mineral-toxic ion interactions in a simplified freshwater aquifer : Implications for CO2 leakage from deep geological storage, in press Environmental Science & Technology, 47 (12), pp 6247–6253.

PDF - 1.8 Mo

[4] Lafay R., Deschamps F., Schwartz S., Guillot S., Godard M., Nicollet C. (2013) High-pressure serpentinites, a trap-and-release system controlled by metamorphic conditions:Example from the Piedmont zone of the western Alps, Chemical Geology, 343, 38-54,

PDF - 3.8 Mo

[3] Schwartz S., Guillot S., Reynard B., Lafay R., Nicollet C., Debret B., Lanari P., Auzende A.L. Pressure-temperature estimates of the lizardite/antigorite transition in high pressure serpentinite. Lithos, 178, 197–210.

PDF - 4.3 Mo

[2] Lafay R., Montes-Hernandez G., Janots E., Chiriac R., Findling N., Toche F., Nucleation and growth of chrysotile nanotubes in H2SiO3-MgCl2-NaOH medium from 90 to 300°C. Chemistry- A European Journal, 19, 5417 – 5424.

PDF - 2.4 Mo

[1] Lafay R., Montes-Hernandez G., Janots E., Chiriac R., Findling N. (2012). Mineral replacement rate of olivine by chrysotile and brucite under high alkaline conditions, Journal of Crystal Growth, v.1, n. 347, p. 62-72.

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Grant from Société Française de Minéralogie et Cristallographie (SFMC) to participate at EMU school "Mineral at Nanoscale", Granada 3 to 6 june 2013.

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