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8th Nepal Geological Congress

par Anaïs SCHNEIDER - 14 septembre 2016

The Nepal Geological Society (NGS) has announced the 8th Nepal Geological Congress to be held on November 27 - 29, 2016 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The event is being planned in the aftermath of 2015-Gorkha Nepal earthquake (Mw 7.8 mainshock on April 25 and Mw 7.3 aftershock on May 12) that caused over 9000 deaths and huge destruction of physical infrastructures.

With the main theme “Geoscience in National Development and Disaster Management”, the Congress will have twelve different technical sessions including special sessions on seismology, seismic hazards and recovery and reconstruction studies.

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Prof. Tara Nidhi Bhattarai, Ph. D.
8th Nepal Geologcal Congress
Nepal Geological Society
E-mail : tnbhattarai -at- wlink.com.np, tara -at- ndri.org.np

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