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Projets en cours

par Pascal LACROIX - 5 avril 2018

(2018 - )

Founded by IDEX

The Risk@Univ. Grenoble Alpes project goal is to develop cross-disciplinary research and scientific innovation in the field of disaster and risk management in areas that are made vulnerable due to a strong interdependency between human, natural or technological hazards.

In addition to the Grenoble basin, the project will focus on other specific vulnerable territories such as the Beirut area (Lebanon), the Port-au-Prince city (Haiti), and areas in Peru and in Nepal, The project also aims at proposing a risk institute in the Grenoble Alpes area.


Contact : Denis Jongmans

High-resolution Ground Motion Simulation in the Near-Field and Mountainous Areas : Application to the 2016 Amatrice-Norcia Seismic Sequence

Founded by INSU

The goals of the project are :
1. To understand the physical processes that led to the extremely high-ground motions recorded during the 2016 Amatrice-Norcia seismic sequence (Central Apennines)
2. To develop robust proxys to characterize topographic site effects
3. To develop new techniques to image the rupture process in complex media and at high-frequency
4. To develop numerical tools to model high-resolution ground motions in the vicinity of seismic faults and in areas with a complex topography

Contact : Emeline Maufroy

TRIGGER : Trans-disciplinary Research on Iranian Geology, Geodynamics, Earthquakes and Resources

Founded by INSU – CNRS – ISTerre

This project meant to pursue and develop the collaboration between Iran and France in the field of geology/geodynamics, earthquakes (and hazard assessment) and mineral resources. For the persons from the GRE team, the works focus on the characterization of the Tehran basin (1-2D models ?) as well as the properties of the Tehran building stock (K. Oghalaei thesis).

Contact : Bertrand Guillier

(2005-20 ??)

Founded by IRD – ISTerre

Geopsy team is developing, distributing and maintaining open source software for geophysical research and applications. Born during SESAME European Project, it has provided tools for processing ambient vibrations with site characterization in mind since 2005. Progressively, more conventional techniques (such as MASW or refraction) are included to offer a high quality, comprehensive and free platform for the interpretation of geophysical experiments.

Since the end of year 2005, we have been organizing courses about ambient vibrations and related techniques based on the software products developed in this project. These courses extend over 5 to 6 days and gather about 15 to 20 participants.

See www.geopsy.org

Contact : Marc Wathelet

SAMMOvA : Mass Movement, Seismic Hazard and Variability

Founded by IRD

The goals of the project are better to understand and predict slope stability, seismic ground motion and hazard at regional and local scales and impact on seismic damages.

Contact : Cécile Cornou

EXAMIN : Development of an integrated approach for seismic risk and loss assessment based on “physics-based” wave propagation simulation accounting for local and regional variability

Founded by ANR PRCE

The goal of the project is to develop a comprehensive approach for risk assessment of infrastructure networks based on physics-based numerical simulation accounting for spatial variability at different scales.


Contact : Cécile Cornou

SERA : Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Research Infrastructure Alliance for Europe

Founded by EU-FP7
The GRE team is leading WP 7 Networking databases of site and station characterization (NA5). The goals is to provide a reliable and efficient European framework for site characterization.


Contact : Cécile Cornou

Development of equipment devoted to the use/analysis of seismic noise
(1999-20 ??)

Founded by IRD – ISTerre

As it is needed to have specific recorders (seismic stations) for noise studies, we have an industrial partnership to develop this material.
Actually, it has been developed the CityShark I and II stations, The Waran station and the MiniShark station.

See www.keas-group.com

Contact : Bertrand Guillier

Landslide monitoring in Peru

Founded by ESA / SEG / CNES / LABEX

The goals of the project are :
1. to develop the tools to monitor from space the evolution of the landslide
2. to study the mechanics of landslide under seismic forcings
3. to install a permanent monitoring system to track the evolution of the landslide
4. to identify scenarios for the landslide activation and evaluate possible public response with local community leaders, and to educate the local people to care about natural hazards
5. to train local geophysicists to emerging technologies and methods on the monitoring of the landslide parameters.


Contact : Pascal Lacroix

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