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par Agnès HELMSTETTER - 8 février 2018 ( dernière mise à jour : 26 mars 2018 )

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Dernière mise à jour : 26 Mars 2018, 29 articles


Ameur, M., Derras, B., & Zendagui, D. (2018). Ground Motion Prediction Model Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems: An Example Based on the NGA-West 2 Data. Pure And Applied Geophysics, 175(3), 1019–1034.
Asafov, E. V., Sobolev, A. V., Gurenko, A. A., Arndt, N. T., Batanova, V. G., Portnyagin, M. V., et al. (2018). Belingwe komatiites (2.7 Ga) originate from a plume with moderate water content, as inferred from inclusions in olivine. Chemical Geology, 478, 39–59.
Bai, M., Chevalier, M. - L., Pan, J., Replumaz, A., Leloup, P. H., Metois, M., et al. (2018). Southeastward increase of the late Quaternary slip-rate of the Xianshuihe fault, eastern Tibet. Geodynamic and seismic hazard implications. Earth And Planetary Science Letters, 485, 19–31.
Beller, S., Monteiller, V., Operto, S., Nolet, G., Paul, A., & Zhao, L. (2018). Lithospheric architecture of the South-Western Alps revealed by multiparameter teleseismic full-waveform inversion. Geophysical Journal International, 212(2), 1369–1388.
Carretier, S., Tolorza, V., Regard, V., Aguilar, G., Bermudez, M. A., Martinod, J., et al. (2018). Review of erosion dynamics along the major N-S climatic gradient in Chile and perspectives. Geomorphology, 300, 45–68.
Eymard-Vernain, E., Lelong, C., Pradas del Real, A. - E., Soulas, R., Bureau, S., Suarez, V. T., et al. (2018). Impact of a Model Soil Microorganism and of Its Secretome on the Fate of Silver Nanoparticles. Environmental Science & Technology, 52(1), 71–78.
Granier, B., & Jaillard, E. (2018). First Record Of Cretaceous Calcareous Algae On The Pacific Margin Of South America (Peru). Ameghiniana, 55(1), 75–90.
Karimi, K., & Barrat, J. - L. (2018). Correlation and shear bands in a plastically deformed granular medium. Scientific Reports, 8.
Katika, K., Alam, M. M., Alexeev, A., Chakravarty, K. H., Fosbol, P. L., Revil, A., et al. (2018). Elasticity and electrical resistivity of chalk and greensand during water flooding with selective ions. Journal Of Petroleum Science And Engineering, 161, 204–218.
Ma, B., Fernandez-Martinez, A., Grangeon, S., Tournassat, C., Findling, N., Carrero, S., et al. (2018). Selenite Uptake by Ca-Al LDH: A Description of Intercalated Anion Coordination Geometries. Environmental Science & Technology, 52(3), 1624–1632.
Maineult, A., Jougnot, D., & Revil, A. (2018). Variations of petrophysical properties and spectral induced polarization in response to drainage and imbibition: a study on a correlated random tube network. Geophysical Journal International, 212(2), 1398–1411.
Manceau, A., Wang, J., Rovezzi, M., Glatzel, P., & Feng, X. (2018). Biogenesis of Mercury-Sulfur Nanoparticles in Plant Leaves from Atmospheric Gaseous Mercury. Environmental science & technology, .
Marafatto, F. F., Lanson, B., & Pena, J. (2018). Crystal growth and aggregation in suspensions of delta-MnO2 nanoparticles: implications for surface reactivity. Environmental Science-Nano, 5(2), 497–508.
Michel, C., & Gueguen, P. (2018). Interpretation of the velocity measured in buildings by seismic interferometry based on Timoshenko beam theory under weak and moderate motion. Soil Dynamics And Earthquake Engineering, 104, 131–142.
Pedoja, K., Jara-Munoz, J., De Gelder, G., Robertson, J., Meschis, M., Fernandez-Blanco, D., et al. (2018). Neogene-Quaternary slow coastal uplift of Western Europe through the perspective of sequences of strandlines from the Cotentin Peninsula (Normandy, France). Geomorphology, 303, 338–356.
Pilitsyna, A. V., Tretyakov, A. A., Degtyarev, K. E., Cuthbert, S. J., Batanova, V. G., & Kovalchuk, E. V. (2018). Eclogites and garnet clinopyroxenites in the Anrakhai complex, Central Asian Orogenic Belt, Southern Kazakhstan: P-T evolution, protoliths and some geodynamic implications. Journal Of Asian Earth Sciences, 153, 325–345.
Prigent, C., Guillot, S., Agard, P., Lemarchand, D., Soret, M., & Ulrich, M. (2018). Transfer of subduction fluids into the deforming mantle wedge during nascent subduction: Evidence from trace elements and boron isotopes (Semail ophiolite, Oman). Earth And Planetary Science Letters, 484, 213–228.
Renard, F., Putnis, C. V., Montes-Hernandez, G., King, H. E., Breedveld, G. D., & Okkenhaug, G. (2018). Sequestration of Antimony on Calcite Observed by Time-Resolved Nanoscale Imaging. Environmental Science & Technology, 52(1), 107–113.
Riedel, I., & Gueguen, P. (2018). Modeling of damage-related earthquake losses in a moderate seismic-prone country and cost-benefit evaluation of retrofit investments: application to France. Natural Hazards, 90(2), 639–662.
Riel, N., Jaillard, E., Martelat, J. - E., Guillot, S., & Braun, J. (2018). Permian-Triassic Tethyan realm reorganization: Implications for the outward Pangea margin. Journal Of South American Earth Sciences, 81, 78–86.
Riva, F., Agliardi, F., Amitrano, D., & Crosta, G. B. (2018). Damage-Based Time-Dependent Modeling of Paraglacial to Postglacial Progressive Failure of Large Rock Slopes. Journal Of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface, 123(1), 124–141.
Riviere, J., Lv, Z., Johnson, P. A., & Marone, C. (2018). Evolution of b-value during the seismic cycle: Insights from laboratory experiments on simulated faults. Earth And Planetary Science Letters, 482, 407–413.
Rossel, K., Aguilar, G., Salazar, E., Martinod, J., Carretier, S., Pinto, L., et al. (2018). Chronology of Chilean Frontal Cordillera building from geochronological, stratigraphic and geomorphological data insights from Miocene intramontane-basin deposits. Basin Research, 30, 289–310.
Rouet-Leduc, B., Hulbert, C., Bolton, D. C., Ren, C. X., Riviere, J., Marone, C., et al. (2018). Estimating Fault Friction From Seismic Signals in the Laboratory. Geophysical Research Letters, 45(3), 1321–1329.
Sanchez-Roa, C., Vidal, O., Jimenez-Millan, J., Nieto, F., & Faulkner, D. R. (2018). Implications of sepiolite dehydration for earthquake nucleation in the Galera Fault Zone: A thermodynamic approach. Applied Geochemistry, 89, 219–228.
Sleutel, M., Lutsko, J., & Van Driessche, A. E. S. (2018). Mineral Growth beyond the Limits of Impurity Poisoning. Crystal Growth & Design, 18(1), 171–178.
Solarino, S., Malusa, M. G., Eva, E., Guillot, S., Paul, A., Schwartz, S., et al. (2018). Mantle wedge exhumation beneath the Dora-Maira (U)HP dome unravelled by local earthquake tomography (Western Alps). Lithos, 296, 623–636.
Theodoulidis, N., Cultrera, G., Cornou, C., Bard, P. - Y., Boxberger, T., DiGiulio, G., et al. (2018). Basin effects on ground motion: the case of a high-resolution experiment in Cephalonia (Greece). Bulletin Of Earthquake Engineering, 16(2), 529–560.
Xie, F., Larose, E., Moreau, L., Zhang, Y., & Planes, T. (2018). Characterizing extended changes in multiple scattering media using coda wave decorrelation: numerical simulations. Waves In Random And Complex Media, 28(1), 1–14.


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